Case study: Mercy Corps

By providing secure cloud solutions and the appropriate infrastructure, Cloud Cover significantly improved data accessibility and security for Mercy Corps.

Business Challenges
  • Keeping Pace with Queries
  • Crisis Management
  • Ever-Changing IT Landscape
Solutions Provided
  • IT Support Service
  • Emerging Technology


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Mercy Corps, formed in 1979, now helps over 19 million people annually in more than 107 countries across the world. The global humanitarian organisation empowers people to recover from crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.

Business Challenge

Mercy Corps faced the challenge of an aging on-premise server solution which was outdated and not as efficient as the organisation required. A better solution was required in order to fit the changing needs of the business. Mercy Corps required a modern, saleable, maintainable and secure network capable of supporting past, present and future business applications. The organisation also required secure access to confidential data for both office and mobile users, even in hostile locations. A stable, fault-tolerant platform for business applications and data was needed, while providing fast data access for office-based users. A system that was demonstrably robust, that met all appropriate regulatory requirements and could be delivered in a relatively short timescale.

Cloud Cover IT Transformation

In order to provide Mercy Corps with a more suitable IT solution, Cloud Cover provided a new Hyper V based cloud solution with local caching servers to improve logon and local file access speeds. A robust architecture, spanning multiple tier-1 datacentres was established to ensure data integrity and continued data access even under conditions of 50% failure. Secure, certificate-based VPN clients were deployed to mobile users to safeguard data access from remote locations. Furthermore, a new remote desktop solution was implemented which provided access to corporate applications and data without the risk of copying such data to mobile devices.


Cloud Cover IT’s solution provided resilience, scalability and improved access to both data and applications for all Mercy Corps staff. Secure VPN technology allows mobile users to obtain access to confidential data from almost anywhere in the world without compromising the security of the system while the scalability of the cloud solution allows for rapid expansion or alteration as business needs change.

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